The Dodge Grand Caravan Now Has Improved Fuel Efficiency Features

If you are looking for a popular family van today, the Dodge Grand Caravan is likely on your list of choices. There are many good reasons for this. It is a vehicle designed for comfort on the part of drivers and passengers alike. On top of that, you can also enjoy improved fuel efficiency as well.

It might seem difficult to create a family size van that is fuel efficient as well, but the Dodge Caravan does exactly that. With its low roll resistance tires, the engine has to do much less work to keep the vehicle moving forward. This gives you increased gas mileage in comparison to other models.

The ECO mode driving switch is another way to save money. When you do not need the engine to work as hard, push this button and watch your gas mileage improve at the same time. You will want to take this van on a test drive when you visit Shawano Auto Sales Inc.


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