Are you looking for top-quality auto leasing in Shawano, Wisconsin? Look no further than Shawano Auto Sales. Our expert sales staff understands that every customer has their own unique financial situation. Sometimes purchasing a new vehicle is not the best option for a given customer. Leasing provides customers with the benefit of a lower down payment, smaller monthly payment, and the option of trading in their vehicle in the future for a more updated model. Purchasing a vehicle is simply not a financial reality for some and that is why at Shawano Auto Sales we work hard to find creative financing solutions for all of our customers. To learn more and get pre-approved for your next auto lease, fill out an application online or visit our dealership in Shawano, WI today!


Exciting New Vehicles

Our inventory of new vehicles at Shawano Auto Sales includes the ever-popular Chrysler 300. This Chrysler model was built and designed to be one of the best full-size sedans available on the market today. It has great safety features and even a fun-to-drive sports mode for when you need that extra boost of maneuverability. We also have the classic Dodge Charger, a car that is anything but dull. With speedy acceleration and superb braking, the Dodge Charger is perfect for customers that want even more speed and power. Finally, the Ram 1500 has a surprisingly quiet interior that many would not expect from a full-size truck. Don't let that fool you. It has one of the smoothest rides both on city streets and country roads thanks to its excellent suspension. No matter what, Shawano Auto Sales in Shawano, WI is sure to have a model for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our lineup and how to start the leasing process.

Apply For Auto Financing Today

To help make your auto leasing dream a reality, be sure to call the Shawano Auto Sales financial department to speak with our team about your leasing options. The first step is to fill out an application online to get pre-approved for your next vehicle. When you're ready, swing by our dealership to go for a test drive.